Connect with the Top Teledentistry Organizations to Watch in 2021 (and Beyond)

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Wrap your mind around this - $250 billion in 2021 (up from the current $3 billion). That’s the future of telehealth services according to McKinsey and Co. And it’s more reason for focusing on the top teledentistry organizations to watch in 2021.

Mobile dentistry leaders (many utilizing teledentistry) recognize that the projected 830% rise is driven by patient appeal.

  • More convenience
  • Comfortable, safe access to care in the pandemic era of dentistry

Innovators in virtual care access are committed to the longterm benefits that a dedicated telehealth and teledentistry service delivery platform can provide.

The what, how, and who of teledentistry

In case you need a refresh or if you’re initially curious, here’s a basic definition:

Teledentistry is the use of telecommunications tools to facilitate the delivery of dental care.

If you’re wondering how teledentistry works at a fundamental level:

  • There’s asynchronous teledentistry. It provides patients access to stored information that’s relevant to their questions or oral health conditions. They can securely search an educational database, request information via email, and/or view images.
  • And there’s synchronous teledentistry. It provides patients a real-time consultation with you (the provider) using dedicated, secure technology. Patients have access via phone, chat, smartphone/device, or computer.

And those who are using teledentistry for patient care include:

  • Dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Care givers
  • Healthcare staff and professionals
  • Office personnel
  • Physicians and specialists

Before getting acquainted with those leading the way in teledentistry one thought is core to understanding it…

”Teledentistry isn’t simply video streaming, nor is it just a tool to supplement remote delivery of care.

Teledentistry allows an opportunity for patients to communicate and consult with their chosen professional. And those same professionals can collaborate via teledentistry to arrive at the most precise and effective care for the patient.”

Connect with the top teledentistry organizations to watch in 2021 (and beyond)

Like our recent list of top mobile dentistry providers - we’re partial to these teledentistry innovators. As collaborative partners (and clients) be confident that their passion for virtual care access matches ours.



Since 2014 they have been committed to the fundamentals of teledentistry.

  • Removing the barriers and challenges associated with the dental care experience
  • Making dentistry more personal, convenient, and affordable

Their mission and core values are completely patient-facing. Virtudent understands that dental care should not be hindered by available time-off, inconvenience, or complexity around treatment protocols.

Virtudent delivers what they describe as…

  • “Ultimate Convenience - Dental care where you are”
  • “Top Quality Care - Carefully vetted, experienced and friendly hygienists”
  • “Community Support - Providing care to those who don’t typically have access to care”
  • “Patient Centered - Focused on patient wellness, education, and overall health”

How teledentistry works with Virtudent:

  • Patients choose a convenient (online) time, complete necessary forms (online), and are provided secure access (via email) to their video credentials.
  • Patients connect with their Virtudent Care Coordination Team using their computer/laptop or smarphone/device to access a private, secure meeting link. Check-in, medical history review, Q&A, and consultation with a licensed dentist (in their state/region) is conducted virtually.
  • Patients receive a thorough assessment of their condition, treatment recommendations, and guidance for any required prescriptions or referrals to an on-site, local provider.

Learn more about Virtudent


The TeleDentists

They’re considered a “first-to-market” virtual care provider. Their teledentistry solution provides your patients 24/7/365 access to dental care.

It’s important to note that The TeleDentists platform was founded by dentists with decades of private practice experience. They understand the telehealth environment and how it interfaces with patient care.

  • Time and cost savings on treatment
  • Reduces unnecessary ER visits
  • Gives health providers and employers a cost-effective employee benefit solution

The TeleDentists cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) platform connects hospitals and urgent care facilities to dentists and specialists. Level-one oral health issues can be treated at less cost and in less time than with a traditional ER or urgent care physician.

Their platform is often wholesaled to existing telehealth/telemedicine service providers. This provides an opportunity for teledentistry to be bundled” with other telehealth solutions.

Explore The TeleDentists software solution.

Teledentistry combos

Top mobile dental care organizations understand the value of teledentistry to the virtual dentistry environment. Those we are affiliated with package it with their platform for initial consultations, patient concierge services, follow-up, specialist referrals, and more.

  • Onsite Dental - a mobile dentistry leader since 1997 serving employee groups with general dentistry services.
  • Flossbar - utilizes portable units and vehicles for dental care with companies and businesses throughout the United States.
  • Dentists on Demand - direct to workplace dentistry providers who pioneered dental “house calls” and innovation around the legacy dental industry.
  • Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County - providing on-the-road preventive dentistry to kids since 2003 with expanded services (since 2018) that uses teledentistry and other protocols to target oral disease in children.

The top teledentistry organization watchlist sees the technology platform as more than a passing trend. It’s another effective way to maximize virtual patient interactions that result in better patient care (in a era when safety, convenience, and comfort are in demand).

Take advantage of the solutions aligned with the future of teledentistry

Access the following resources for more in-depth insights into how teledentistry is evolving as a patient-care solution:

Teledentistry: Where We Are Now and Where We are Going

Key Teledentistry Takeaways for 2021 and Beyond

The Teledentix platform enables you to help pre-qualify patients ahead of a scheduled appointment.

  • Answer their treatment specific questions
  • Confirm procedural details, costs, insurance, and more
  • Maximize your production time and team energy


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