Is 24/7 Dental Care a Reality with Teledentistry?

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Convenience isn’t the only driver of teledentistry and telehealth services. Consider teledentistry as 24/7/365 solution utilizing an available network of dentists.

Virtual care access is gaining ground. And since dental emergencies and urgent care situations are common teledentistry (as stated) is more than a convenient provider option.

Is it time for dentistry that never “sleeps”

For a moment prepare to step away from the traditional approach to dental care. You know…a fixed facility with convenient open” hours and a dedicated team ready to provide appointment based care.

Nothing wrong with that. But let’s step outside that “box” for a bit. Consider a supportive care model that aligns with all the above - availability, a team of experts, and dental care.

The only difference is availability. As in 24/7/365 availability.

For example, dental emergencies or urgent, after-hours dental issues do not necessarily respect appointments or hours of operation.

Who’s available…and how?

Interfacing 24/7/365 teledentistry with patient care


Remote case assessment

A patient could have a dental issue they’re unsure about. An available teledentistry platform provides them the ability to send a photo or video describing their need - whatever the day or time.

Using your teledentistry portal you could…

  • View the video remotely (during or after-hours)
  • Securely access the patient’s health/treatment records and compare them with their current status
  • Provide a real-time (synchronous) or stored/recorded (asynchronous) consult/examination directing them about next steps

In-the-moment relief

A patient could reach out with a painful or medication required dental need. Teledentistry access allows them to avoid an urgent care or emergency room visit should the circumstance require additional medication.

Your teledentisry platform provides you the opportunity to…

  • Communicate with them remotely and assess their pain or recommend next steps
  • Prescribe a medication or antibiotic for immediate relief until they can take next steps for treatment


Track and monitor ongoing or follow-up treatment

A patient could require a series of follow-up treatment or need ongoing treatment monitoring (e.g. orthodontic evaluations). Teledentistry provides them (and you) a convenient, easy, time-saving opportunity for clin-checks without having to schedule an in-office visit.

Care without “borders”

A patient could be miles from you or any dental office making it easier to delay or avoid essential care. Teledentistry knows no boundaries and with personal or remotely accessible technology you can diagnose and refer care that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

The virtual dental home model allows for rural, under-served, or remotely hindered patients to connect with your dental expertise. Secure, safe, and virtual access to care is affordable and available via a dedicated teledentistry platform you provide.

Transitioning to 24/7/365 mindset with teledentistry increases your influence and potential for an uptick in production

Teledentistry at first glance appears to be another technology boost. It is…but there are more layers beneath the surface of that primary perspective.

Patient care is the core benefit. And the fact that dedicated technology enables you to securely, conveniently, and safely provide that care is of equal benefit.

Add to that elimination of geographic boundaries and the ability to provide remote access to patients who would otherwise be disconnected from a provider.


Communication without burden or boundaries

  • Communicate with current, new, and potential patients 24/7/365.
  • Communicate with a network of colleagues and other dental and healthcare specialists as needs and treatment protocols arise.

Cost-savings can be calculated in the utilization of time and team energy

The communication link provided by teledentistry equates to…

  • An increase in patient consults that results in treatment and thus production
  • Referrals, pre-authorized treatment, and insurance matters can be handled online using real-time virtual imaging exchange
  • Increased care efficiency increases cost-savings for your practice overhead, your patients, and third-party financial arrangements

Improve care standards with timely diagnostic-capable technology

A teledentistry platform helps facilitate your ability to care for patients without delay.

  • Provide early diagnosis
  • Triage their emergency, urgent, or standard care need
  • Enhance referral communication through live-stream video conferencing, sharing of intra-oral images, and store-and-forward data

It boils down to patients receiving more immediate care and treatment expertise when teledentistry is in the mix. Again, think of it as dentistry that never “sleeps.”


It’s time to envision 24/7 dental care as the future of teledentistry evolves and new, innovative partnerships are formed

The overall solutions within a dedicated teledentistry platform enable you to fully broaden the timeframe of your virtual patient interactions…leading to better patient care!

Access the following resource for more in-depth insights into how teledentistry is evolving as a patient-care solution:

Teledentistry: Where We Are Now and Where We are Going

Teledentix is an innovative, turn-key teledentistry solution created by Virtual Dental Care. The all-in-one platform will enable you to adapt teledentistry to your patient care and extend your services beyond the walls of your dental practice…and improve your patient care in the process.

  • Teledentix provides an easy-to-use video conferencing tool that’s secure, HIPAA compliant, and specific to dentistry.
  • Teledentix Basic is a perfect starting point. Begin with a free trial and then transition to a very low monthly fee. You and your patients can join unlimited video conferences including screen-share, file-share, video-share, and real-time chat communications.

Contact us about Teledentix and discover how it streamlines the interaction between you and your patient around their dental care.

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