A List of the Top Mobile Dental Organizations to Watch in 2021 (and Beyond)

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Innovation follows a somewhat rambling path. The random nature of it has much to do with solving the problems at hand. Those on the solution-side of innovation would certainly include the top mobile dental organizations to watch in 2021.Mobile dentistry continues to carve out its unique care-based niche within the broader dental industry. Mobile dental care has been around for awhile although the pandemic has produced an evolution around its virtual benefits (alongside teledentistry and telehealth services).

A refresher on what is mobile dentistry

Mobile dental care providers connect patients with dentistry outside of the traditional fixed location. Mobility is at the core of why patients utilize it and how others with limited access are treated.

There are two basic models that mobile dental organizations use to connect providers with patients outside of a standard dental facility.


1. A mobile dental clinic

Dental services provided within a moving dental office (e.g., a class A recreational vehicle or RV) retro-fitted to accommodate small exam rooms and essential equipment and technology.

  • Exam and diagnostic equipment including x-ray capabilities
  • Sterilization stations and equipment
  • Computer technology that provides access for scheduling, patient data, and insurance claims processing

2. Mobile dental service units

This dental services model emphasizes routine dental care. Services are on a limited scale via this portable set-up and include:

  • Initial dental examinations and x-rays
  • Teeth cleanings with a dental hygienist
  • Treatments such as fillings and sealants
  • Disease screenings (e.g., oral cancer)

Next-level innovation driven by the top mobile dental organizations

The first two models have a broader application to dental professionals who primarily provide dentistry via a brick-and-mortar facility. Some have adopted a mobile dentistry model to service an unreached or underserved population of patients.

These providers have merged their services with those who are now considered mobile dental organizations. They primarily treat patients via an off-site, mobile model for dental care.

Before we highlight the top mobile dental organizations here’s a few points of definition for how they service their patient-base.

  • A single-client fixed practice in a stand-alone or built-out/equipped facility
  • A multi-client fixed practice centrally located in a location that serves multiple patients and provides access to employees of a business, etc.
  • A fixed mobile practice provides dentistry on a business’s campus
  • A mobile routed practice provides full dental services at a business location on an established or routine schedule

Who are among the top mobile dental organizations to watch in 2021 (and beyond)?

We’re quite fond of those on this list. They represent innovative leadership in the virtual and mobile dental niche…and some (as clients of ours) align with our virtual care model via teledentistry and telehealth.


Onsite Dental

Workplace dental care at no-cost to employers…that defines this national leader in mobile dentistry since 1997.

Partner companies assist them. And those relationships enable them to scale their mobile care models to serve the employee groups who trust them for dentistry.

  • Employees receive close to 95% of the dental care they need including a “comprehensive suite” of general dentistry (e.g., exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, periodontal treatment, whitening, Invisalign®, and more).
  • Credentialed dentists and hygienists are supported by experienced dental assistants and practice managers.
  • Evidenced-based dentistry with lower risk and cost to employers.

Connect with Onsite Dental

Screenshot_2021-01-21 HENRY The Dentist

HENRY the Dentist

This mobile dentistry innovator is described as being, “…like no dentist you’ve visited before.” They provide a convenient mobile experience full of perks” while you’re being treated.

  • A fully mobile dental experience that “comes to you.” Easy appointment scheduling via an HR email, daily time-slots, and flexible onsite options suited to your employee’s schedules.
  • Routine dental services alongside other services utilizing advanced technology. Procedures from exams, x-rays, and cleanings to crowns, GLO whitening, and Invisalign®.
  • Amenities including massage chairs and entertainment from music to Netflix and HBO streaming in-chair through BOSE noise-cancelling during your procedure.

Learn more about HENRY the Dentist



Easier dental care access and a company that “brings dental to you.” Flossbar utilizes portable units and vehicles to provide dental care direct to your company or business location throughout the United States.

Their unique care philosophy includes:

  • An understanding patient experience that educates without judgment or “shame.”
  • Flexible care solutions that adapt to your workplace environment through a conference room pop-up, a portable mobile clinic on-wheels, or full onsite presence.
  • Dental services plus…vision and hearing programs provided chair side.
  • Ala-carte pricing allows patients to select services and receive education about the pros and cons of their options (minus pressure).
  • A second-opinion and follow-up option with the freedom to take your dental records to another provider - including prompt digital transfer upon request.
  • Professionalism with a “fun,” relaxing attitude.

Explore flossbar


Dentists on Demand

A provider of direct to workplace dental care for over 20 years. “Dental pop-up” clinics deliver on-site dentistry promoting health and wellness for your business or corporation.

Founded on a legacy that pioneered dental “house calls” in urban San Francisco. They remain focused on mobile dentistry and innovation around the legacy dental industry.

  • Respect for the patient journey regarding health and wellness
  • A convenient patient experience that maximizes on-site mobile dental equipment and technology.
  • Health and wellness benefit emphasis that helps reduce sick days and unnecessary time off for dental emergencies.

Get acquainted with Dentists on Demand


Mobile Dental Xpress and Geriatric Toothfairy

Their mission is to reduce the health risks and morbidity among seniors due to poor oral health care. Sonya Dunbar (known as the Geriatric Toothfairy) is a registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Educator.

She motivates and educates care givers and care centers about the importance of senior oral care.

  • Educational workshops present a holistic approach to oral care techniques.
  • Training programs equip your care center team with the skills and confidence to assist senior residents with their oral care.

Get to know Geriatric Toothfairy


Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County

This mobile dental organization takes-on the challenge of untreated oral disease in children. And they accomplish that goal by eliminating the barriers to a family’s dental care.

Since 2003 their Smile Mobile has been on-the-road providing preventive dentistry to thousands of kids. The addition of cleanings and fluoride treatment enabled them to help prevent cavities and other dental issues.

In 2018 they expanded Smile Mobile beyond cavity prevention. Now their Full Cycle Dentistry model, POET (Prevention, Outreach, Education, and Teledentistry) provides care for children throughout Orange County experiencing oral disease.

  • Portable dental chairs and telehealth technology in schools and community sites.
  • Early cavity intervention through cleanings and related oral health education (e.g., brushing, flossing, nutrition, etc).
  • Convenience solutions for families with schedule and/or transportation barriers.
  • Referrals for extensive care intervention are made to their Garden Grove clinic.

Health Smiles provides restorative care at seven sites to over 270+ monthly patients.

Check out Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County


Get a comprehensive overview of mobile dentistry from this resource:

An Overview and Guide to Mobile Dentistry

Teledentistry and Telehealth services share a common goal with top mobile dental organizations

The Teledentix platform enables you to help pre-qualify patients ahead of a scheduled appointment.

  • Answer their treatment specific questions
  • Confirm procedural details, costs, insurance, and more
  • Maximize your production time and team energy


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