How Your Teledentistry ROI Aligns with the Patient Experience

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Trends often gain traction when their ROI (Return on Investment) is considered. That would be the case when evaluating and exploring teledentistry ROI.

Perhaps some have set teledentistry aside as a COVID pandemic era trend. Others are seeing its longterm value to patient care - much like telehealth in the medical industry.

Market analysts see the teledentistry market growing at an estimated annual rate of 17% from 2020 to 2027. It’s projected to be a $2.6 billion market worldwide. [1]

The appeal of virtual dental care

It’s understandable that digital technology - including apps - can make life easier. You and your patients are likely accustomed to the ease of accessing information, making purchases, ordering food and services, and communicating via app-based technology on your smart devices.

Teledentistry utilizes similar innovation to connect you with your patients - virtually.

  • Secure, easy access
  • Convenience
  • Scheduling and team workflow efficiency
  • Cost savings compared to in-office appointments
  • Emergency triage potential

Before exploring teledentistry’s ROI let’s unpack the bottom-line about how virtual dental care is gaining traction.

Teledentistry is a patient-first investment!

The technology provides your patients convenient and potentially cost-effective access to dental care. Those two benefits also have the potential to increase patient satisfaction - improving the patient experience.

How your teledentistry ROI aligns with the patient experience

Perhaps it’s too early post-COVID pandemic but there is high probability that teledentistry and virtual dental care will become a new front-door” for dental patients entering your practice.

Again, consider the likely reliance a high percentage of your patients have on technology. Patients search online and often make their lifestyle and care decisions based on need awareness.

For example, if available technology is perceived to provide convenience, it makes sense that favor tips in the direction of dental providers who offer relevant solutions - such as teledentistry.

Informed (and connected) patients (like consumers) could be more attracted to dental practices that have an established and equipped virtual identity within their brick-and-mortar location.

Teledentistry ROI has increasing relevance to your patients and to you as a provider.

Time and revenue savings

Required equipment and appointment ease make teledentistry a win-win for you and your patients.

An effective teledentistry set-up includes:

  • A dedicated, secure, and HIPAA compliant virtual dental care platform
  • A quality computer monitor or equipped smart device
  • Webcam and/or camera capability
  • Secure internet connection

Costs for each can vary but the initial investment is considered minimal compared with what’s required for an in-office visit in terms of scheduling, supplies, staff, etc.

Patients can expect to save time and convenience. Consider the time investment required for a virtual visit compared with an in-office visit.

  • Virtual visits have zero to minimal wait-times.
  • Virtual consultations can be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Better dental emergency care

Dental emergencies can disrupt your patient’s lives. They can also cause disruption to your in-office schedule.

Teledentistry can help reduce the scheduling challenges associated with dental emergencies.

  • A virtual visit helps you diagnose/triage your patient’s condition and determine next steps.
  • Medication can be prescribed via a virtual consultation.
  • Specialist referrals and diagnostic consultations with the ER can be conducted via your teledentistry platform.

Expand your dental services

Teledentistry has the potential to expand your care reach.

Time, staffing, and location limitations can be overcome with virtual dental care.

Teledentistry is gaining traction. And its ROI is being recognized by innovative dental providers. …These are only the beginning of post-pandemic uses for teledentistry. Virtual dental care isn’t going anywhere but forward.

  • Be informed.
  • Track and follow the ongoing innovation around virtual dental care.
  • Pilot a teledentistry solution in your practice.


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Experience a compelling teledentistry ROI using a dedicated, secure, compliant, and fully equipped teledentistry platform

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