The Benefit of Teledentistry to Online Pharmacies

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No doubt, contact protocols have defined much of our lives. Put that on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even so, we’ve also benefited from a few conveniences - teledentistry among them. And now the benefit of teleldentistry has expanded to include a connection to online pharmacies.

Teledentistry provides a natural interface with other virtual solutions. Why not pharmacies?

First things first…

If you’re wondering - there are guidelines that come into play for teledentistry and virtual prescriptions. It’s common for most medications, including those prescribed by dentists, to follow an in-person exam or consultation.

As of January 31, 2020, patients have the option of obtaining their prescriptions virtually.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) announced this change in response to the state of emergency the United States entered at the beginning of 2020. The DEA has allowed the remote prescription of controlled substances for the duration of the national health crisis.

During the state of emergency, patients can get their prescription drugs without an in-office for a visit. There still are some requirements to receive a prescription, but this makes it significantly easier for patients to get new prescriptions.” [1]

There’s substantial hope that virtual prescriptions will be a viable option going forward. As concerns dentistry, it’s safe to say that for non-controlled medications (such as dental-related medications) the online pharmacy connection will continue with teledentistry.

There is a range of over-the-counter medications that patients often use to help with dental issues. Using teledentistry, dentists have the ability to assess the situation, and then (if the prescription medication seems unnecessary) recommend effective non-prescription options to treat symptoms until an appointment can be scheduled. Being able to talk to a dentist can help you decide which medications are the best choice for your situation.[2]

Why teledentistry and the online pharmacy is a good match

The telemedicine environment (including teledentistry) will consistently evolve. The evolution will create new, scalable innovations that put patient and provider convenience at the core.

And that’s a good place to begin as we affirm the virtual synergy between teledentistry and the online pharmacy.

Easy access to medications and prescriptions

The online pharmacy and teledentistry service providers make prescription access easier. From-the-comfort (and security)-of-home is the new mindset many patients are growing accustomed to.

Virtual consultations are driven by convenience. It makes sense that an online consult with you (as the dentist) resulting in a prescribed medication could also include an online pharmaceutical solution.

One visit - one order convenience

Teledentistry connects your patients with diagnostic and dental emergency services. A dental diagnosis or dental emergency can often require a prescription.

For example…

If a patient has a dental emergency and they’re prescribed antibiotics, you can simply order the prescription online all in one session.

  • Saves your patient time and transportation to and from their pharmacy
  • Saves you/your team time by eliminating the need to phone in a prescription

Streamlined interface with pharmaceutical/product reps

Pharmaceutical reps face time related challenges like you do. Calling on your office face-to-face, navigating your front office “gate-keepers,” and getting a moment of your schedule can be a challenge (for them and you).

The door-to-door product representation and display requirements can also impact a prescription’s ultimate benefit to your patients.

The virtual connection via a teledentistry platform can streamline the interaction between you and the prescription manufacturers. Online representation gets the product in your hands without having to juggle scheduling demands.

Let’s get practical!

The Teledentix platform is soon to interface with available online pharmacy services using a digital solution.


  • A one-click button that connects you to an online prescription service.
  • The time savings for your team, patients, and product reps
  • An improved patient experience

Teledentix is an innovative, turn-key teledentistry solution created by Virtual Dental Care.

The all-in-one platform enables dentists to adapt teledentistry to their patient care and extend their services beyond the walls of their dental practice…and improve their patient care in the process.

LEARN MORE about the Teledentix platform.




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