Teledentix Communicator in a Nutshell

| 1 min read

Teledentix Communicator is designed to support secure video conferencing and other asynchronous communications with patients and colleagues.

A Comprehensive Solution:

  • Patients can schedule various types of video consultations, e.g., new patient consult, emergency consult, ortho consult, denture consult, etc.
  • Appointment times and types are user-configured and in some cases are integrated with the practice’s dental practice management application. Teledentix can support multiple locations for a group or DSO, and multiple providers at the multiple locations.
  • Providers can set fees by appointment type and collect via credit card prior to the appointment.
  • Upon booking the appointment, the patient is registered automatically in Teledentix and has access to a secure patient portal for: launching the video conference, re-scheduling or cancelling appointments, reviewing and downloading records, receiving secure communications, including treatment-specific educational materials.
  • Patient fills out and signs user-defined online registration forms, e.g., demographic information, health history, insurance information, HIPAA consent form, etc.
  • Patients can upload any images or videos or documents that they wish into their own secure patient portal and the doctor is notified.
  • Appointment confirmation is sent via text/email. Appointment reminders are sent via text/email.
  • Referrals to other providers can be made and managed within the application.
  • Patient record, including provider notes, treatment recommendations, any uploaded images and documents, a recording of the video conference, are all easily available for export to the practice management application, if desired. If integrated with Teledentix, the upload is automated.
  • Access to the application for patients and providers is available via PC, Android and iOS mobile devices.

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