What’s Happening at the “Tele” (Virtual) Intersection of Dental and Medical Care?

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The times we’re living in are defining how we interact and approach healthcare. Innovation is driving new opportunities in how we access care. And virtual “tele” functions are merging at the intersection of dental and medical treatment.

No doubt, digital technology is transforming all aspects of the healthcare sector. Services are expanding and efficiency is improving.


The “big three” and why the intersection is working

Collaboration among healthcare providers will increase in popularity. Increased concerns as a result of the 2020 pandemic, convenience, and provider mobility are key factors in the healthcare pivot.

Three quadrants of virtual care access are leading the innovation wave. And each have a unique function that adds to the synergy between them.

Telehealth is the informational platform

Health information in a digital format can be communicated via smart devices and cloud-based information management platforms.

  • Enhances communication with care providers
  • Assists in managing chronic disease treatment
  • Provides patient-facing benefits such as appointment reminders, lifestyle/behavior evaluations, prescription renewals

Telemedicine is the interactive module

Digital information and communication technology provide you, as the care giver, interaction with your patients when a direct connection is not preferred, is inefficient, or isn’t possible. The evolution of telemedicine is consistent and will improve healthcare at each phase of implementation.

  • Advanced development and access of EHRs (Electronic Health Records)
  • Provider access to available records and health histories
  • Care improvement based on real-time data access, diagnosis, treatment planning, and prescribing of medications as necessary

Enhanced communication is the appeal of telemedicine. Again the availability and use of smart technology is driving the innovations of health-centric apps. These developments enable you to track and monitor your patient’s care…remotely!

Teledentistry is a merger of information (telehealth) and interactivity (telemedicine)

Access to care and innovative technology applications make teledentistry appealing to you (the provider) and your patients. Like telemedicine, the use of teledentistry gives your patients an option for care that’s safe, secure, and convenient.

  • Diagnostic options using the capabilities of digital imaging, digital patient records, specialist referral information, and treatment follow-up/montoring
  • Patient-facing modules for submitting digital forms, health information, and payments

That’s only the beginning of how teledentistry is emerging as a legitimate provider-patient connection point. New innovations are making it possible for an interface between telehealth in general, telemedicine providers, and teledentistry providers.Side view of young female surgeon using digital tablet in front of computer at desk in clinic

How healthcare innovation is happening across the “tele” care environment now and in the future

Provider collaboration for a more systemic care strategy

From a dental perspective the referral relationship is a good reference point. Networking capabilities help connect your patients with the best available care.

Essential health information is at the core of those relationships. And the ability to share and collaborate around that information gives the “tele” (virtual) environment an edge.

Dental records have value not only to you (as provider) but also to your patient’s primary care physician (PCP) and if necessary, a medical specialist. Health data can be updated, monitored, shared, and discussed in collaboration.

Beyond routine care, the study-club format could be upgraded. You would be able to collaborate, chat, and engage with the expertise of providers from any healthcare discipline - in a virtual environment.

Manage your patient flow for better engagement results

Patient engagement has value in all healthcare quadrants - dental and medical included. Providing your patients convenient access to their healthcare interactions will help create better health outcomes and longterm loyalty.

The virtual environment establishes a patient-facing zone for engagement and efficiency for you/other providers.

  • Online scheduling via a digital portal provides a convenience option
  • Digital form management saves time
  • Chat technology enables a real-time connection for answers to questions
  • Virtual access to appointment and health history allows for more workflow efficiency for you and your team
  • Collaboration around treatment plan reviews and next step treatment planning

Virtual visits - especially those that involve more than one provider specialty - help reduce the amount of time spent in-office. This provides your patient(s) an option for a more comfortable (safe) and convenient consultation - ahead of any recommended treatment.

Encouraging a patient-centric model of healthcare

Essentially, the virtual (“tele”) environment benefits the patient as well as you (the provider). Control of a patient’s overall healthcare is placed in their hands.

Patients have the ability to choose their medical and dental care with the assurance that collaboration is easier, seamless, and more efficient. This happens as a result of instant, hands-on, virtual access to their health records and plans.

The digital platform available via telehealth extends a practical format for telemedicine and teledentistry providers alike.

The time for collaborative, comprehensive healthcare management is available and evolving as we speak

The need to pivot provider strategies is relevant in today’s healthcare environment. There’s key evidence that virtual (“tele”) providers - using teledentistry - are “bridging the gap” for those with limited or preferred access to care.

Check out the following resource to see how teledentistry is helping reduce the barriers to oral healthcare.

Bridging the Gap in Dental Care

A dedicated teledentistry platform alongside a telemedicine platform provides a seamless solution for collaboration and more.

  • Send records to a practice/provider (even one not using a virtual/“tele” platform) free from a referral cost
  • Automatically create HIPAA compliant accounts for easy records access

A platform, like Teledentix, can also be equipped for an efficient provider interface.

  • Forms can be customized and uploaded for easy patient access
  • Patients can access and complete the required forms via a secure patient portal within the platform
  • Patients can update their forms and medical history information when necessary within the portal

The overall holistic solutions within a dedicated teledentistry platform enables you to fully maximize your virtual patient interactions…and your collaborative healthcare provider relationships…leading to better patient engagement!

Teledentix is an innovative, turn-key teledentistry solution created by Virtual Dental Care. The all-in-one platform will enable you to adapt teledentistry to your patient care and extend your services beyond the walls of your dental practice…and improve your patient engagement in the process.

  • Teledentix provides an easy-to-use video conferencing tool that’s secure, HIPAA compliant, and specific to dentistry.
  • Teledentix Basic is a perfect starting point. Begin with a free trial and then transition to a very low monthly fee. You and your patients can join unlimited video conferences including screen-share, file-share, video-share, and real-time chat communications.

Contact us about Teledentix and discover how it streamlines the interaction between you and your patient around their dental care…even orthodontics.

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