Virtual Mentoring, Collaboration, and More Are Possible with Teledentistry

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Cocoon. It represents isolation. Or it represents new life and potential. The latter is perhaps a better image of how virtual platforms work for a dentist mentorship or collaboration.

No doubt, it felt safer to cocoon (the isolation type) in 2020 due to the pandemic. But the serendipity of isolation prompted new considerations for how we can interact and support each other.

And it’s not merely the remote work option. The virtual environment is more of a scalable approach to connectivity.

CE, mentoring, collaboration, and everything in-between

Online CE is not a new concept. Sure, you might prefer it given travel costs and time investment.

Even so, virtual educational platforms are becoming the norm. Though some state dental boards prefer that you get your CE in-person, in real time the trends are shifting. [1]

And for good reason.

Live-streamed CE has made it easier than ever for all members of the dental team to get on the same page. From infection control and patient screening to changes in PPE fees or emergency processes, we’re all—finally—getting the same information from the same sources.

Hopefully, online CE for the clinical team is here to stay. That’s not to say that it will replace conferences, but it adds a new angle to staying abreast of industry news, policies, and revolutionary changes in times like these.” [2]

What about collaboration?

Acceptance is growing for virtual collaboration. Real-time interaction or stored/shared content that’s accessible online gives you another time and cost saving solution for personal and corporate development and consultation opportunities.

”Virtual collaboration is working jointly toward a common goal using digital resources as the primary means of cooperation. Without physical interaction, distributed teams leverage digital tools that allow for real-time communication, collaboration, and file-sharing.” [3]

Add virtual mentoring to the mix.

Online tools make it possible to engage in formal or informal partnerships with other professionals.

”The most profound benefit of a virtual mentoring program is its ability to inspire authentic relationships between participants. A mentee can find it easier to communicate with openness and honesty in a remote setting rather than in the workplace.” [4]

Whatever drives your desire or preference for virtual interaction - technology innovation is making it possible. And it’s expanded the use of a dedicated teledentistry platform to achieve an effective virtual connection.


Teledentistry at the intersection of virtual collaboration and mentoring

A teledentistry platform is simply a secure channel for communication. If you’re on-board you’ve already experienced it’s patient-facing capabilities.

The same could apply to how you interact with your colleagues, referral relationships, CE, and mentoring partnerships.

The virtual environment provides interactive opportunity that you might prefer over a face-to-face environment. Teledentistry supports the virtual home concept that’s helping a growing number of dental professionals connect online.

Practical outlets for virtual collaboration and virtual mentoring are emerging. It’s time to imagine the possibilities!

Host group seminars with multiple attendees

Virtual venues provide a safe and secure place for a high volume of attendees. Platform capabilities might limit the number although it’s unlikely you’ll exceed capacity for general purposes.

Consider the cost and time savings while being able to highlight the collective wisdom of other professionals in real-time or via a recorded and stored content stream.

Participate in discussion threads

Access to perspective, wisdom, or ideas is no longer limited to a chat over coffee, drinks, or a meal in a physical location. You can engage in a virtual chat/discussion 24/7 wherever you have access to technology and an online connection.

On a virtual platform, solutions to problems or challenges are not bound to a face-to-face conversation. And the combined input of other dental professionals provides more than one perspective on what you’re dealing with.

Access, share, and discuss patient information in a secure environment

It’s often better to “show” someone than tell” someone. A colleague or mentor might see something in a shared chart, image, or scan that you cannot.

A secure, HIPAA compliant teledentistry platform makes sharing patient data easy and seamless. The screen sharing capability within a virtual environment keeps everyone on the same page for diagnostic or treatment related support and input.

Instant chat

Your mentor or colleague might be across town, across the country, or around the globe. Virtual connections give you an opportunity (time zones considered) to eliminate distance barriers when you need to have a brief conversation.

Log in, connect, ping your contact, and share what’s on your mind. Instant access to colleagues and mentors in the moment helps improve your care response.

Create private and public groups

Assembling your go-to network is no longer bound by time-zones, distance, or travel costs. You can create a private or public group around specific areas of interest, procedures, referral sources, marketing, etc.

Grant exclusive access or open your group(s) to the general (professional) public across the industry. Either way, the virtual collaboration will provide you with the professional development you’re looking for.

Virtual connectivity is in-synch with teledentistry innovation

Innovative teledentistry organizations see the virtual connection potential. Better patient care within your dental practice or DSO is possible via the professional support of an established virtual community.

Access the following resources for more insights into virtual connectivity through a dedicated, secure teledentistry platform:

Virtual (and Secure) Solutions are Transforming Dental CE, Study Groups, and Collaboration

Guide to a Teledentistry Consultation Network

The Teledentix platform aligns in scope with the innovators covered covered here.

  • Answer a patient’s treatment specific questions
  • Confirm procedural details, costs, insurance, and more
  • Maximize your production time and team energy







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