Could Teledentistry Technology Provide a Secure Social Media Platform for Healthcare Professionals?

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2006…That’s the year that online relationships and collaboration changed! Consider it an innovative move that’s making it possible in 2021 (and beyond) to collaborate on a secure social media platform for healthcare professionals.

Facebook and Twitter created a virtual space in 2006 where you could comment, interact, and share useful information. In recent years, the social media landscape has grown to include more interactive players like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

What’s the point?

In essence, it’s transforming how we relate. For professionals, like you, it’s introduced a new way of looking at the collaborative environment.

It’s not “if” you collaborate…but “how!”

Today’s virtual meeting-space is eliminating the gaps of time, timing, and proximity. Innovations like teledentistry are no longer merely an appointment tool. A dedicated platform can create a collaboration venue.

Think of teledentistry as the virtual hub for referrals, professional collaboration, dental CE, dental study groups, and other yet to be discovered innovations.

ReferralsThe “collaboration-effect” with a social media mindset

Dentistry, like healthcare in general, is made better through unbiased professional interaction. The interactive dynamic has mostly been at the mercy of time, travel, and the tenacity of the individual practitioner.

Add 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic to the equation. It somewhat widened the gap between you, as a dental professional, and valuable colleague interaction.

On a positive note…the pandemic perhaps also awakened in you a renewed hunger for collaborative connection.

How so?

Let’s reopen a recent discussion we covered here relative to a couple of core interactions:

  • 1-Referrals
  • 2-Professional collaboration (e.g. CE, study groups, and patient cases)

And let’s also frame this current conversation with a social media mindset. Because frankly, that’s how we’re comfortable interacting these days instead of the time (and sometimes cost) intensive method of face-to-face interaction with other dental professionals.

SocialCentricReferralProcess2Social-centric professional referrals

Standard referral methods - you remember those right? Faxes, paper forms, and emails.

You might be tempted to ask - is there a problem? Perhaps nothing substantial but each puts the ball in someone else’s court with the potential for…

  • Lack of follow-through
  • Lost or undelivered messages

To be fair, not all technology is fail-safe. But by comparison a tech-driven and more social referral solution could help eliminate referral issues.

Referrals are really about a relational connection. The one between you and your patient and the one between you and your professional network.

Social-centric referrals that utilize available technology can streamline your workflows. Here’s a glimpse into a virtual, social-centric referral process.

Keep it conversational

Every referral conversation begins with an “introduction.” From there any information exchanged feels natural and relevant to the process.

Maintain rapport around the treatment

Rapport is that vibe you feel that says, “we’re on the same page…we understand each other…” A virtual consultation on a secure, social-centric platform enhances that vibe.

Maintain a follow-up relationship

Post-treatment conversations deepen patient and professional relationships. Comfortable, virtual check-ins can lead to further in-person or virtual check-ups around additional treatment.

This more social approach creates positive outcomes for you, your patients, your colleagues, and specialist network.

Social-centric professional development and collaboration

Remember when you would register for a conference or CE event, book your travel and accommodations, and anticipate a few days of relaxation alongside your colleagues and team? Those were the days.

Even so, that’s not the only way to keep your professional development topped-off. And though you perhaps miss those days (thanks to the 2020 pandemic) you now have other options.

Virtual solutions provide an experience much like what you’re accustomed to in today’s social media environment. The key: easy-access collaboration.

Information sharing has limitless opportunity on a virtual networking platform. And your interactive capabilities enable you to tap into the experience and expertise of a growing professional knowledge-base.

Virtual connections are schedule-friendly

The 2020 pandemic forced you to change how you access professional development and collaborative relationships. Technology enabled you to adapt without sacrificing growth opportunities. Online venues and live or recorded webinars deliver training in the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or a preferred remote location.

Virtual training can be leveraged

You and your team(s) have access to five-star resources. Industry influencers tailor their courses and training to the virtual, online space. Virtual lunch meetings, after-hours study clubs, and shared links provide easy access to industry thought leadership.

Virtual collaboration builds relationships

Your patients reap the benefit of you having virtual access to a broader range of professional expertise. Real-time, secure consultations, instant access to patient data, emergency care communication, and more are possible on a scalable virtual platform.

Because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. A virtual, social-centric venue can actually increase personalization.

Check-out the following resources for a more comprehensive perspective on what we covered here:

Close the Gaps on Referrals Using Technology (Like Teledentistry)

Virtual (and Secure) Solutions are Transforming Dental CE, Study Groups, and Collaboration

A social-centric solution that’s now perfectly aligned with the future of teledentistry

Imagine a network with scaleable features and that combines the power of social media networking with professional collaboration.

  • Engage in study sessions and webinars
  • Collaborate around patient health information (PHI) on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

Innovative teledentistry organizations see the technology platform as more than a passing trend. It’s another effective way to maximize virtual interactions that result in better patient care.

The best way to explore the possibilities of virtual referrals and virtual collaboration…

  • Get a member account with Teledentix and the Teledentix Healthcare Professional Community
  • Start interacting with others who get the value of a virtual venue

LEARN MORE about the Teledentix platform


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