TelScope Is a Well-Timed Imaging Solution for Teledentistry

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Interface ability, convenience, accessibility, diagnostic clarity. Those are benchmarks for innovative technology. And it’s especially applies to intraoral photo capture.

Image capture has its own unique requirements - speaking of diagnostic clarity. But there’s more to telehealth and teledentistry related images.

A problem in search of a solution

To fully appreciate a solution it’s necessary to understand the problem. TelScope was created out of that scenario.

Jennifer Holland, the Creator, Founder, and CEO of Holland Healthcare developed TelScope to simply solve a common problem.

The core problem: inaccurate, poor quality, and inconvenience associated with intra-oral photos. The deeper problem: inability to capture, save, and share those images in a timely way without access to costly (and potentially bulky) imaging technology.

The beauty of TelScope is its capability to use technology you already have on-hand (actually in-hand) - your smartphone or tablet device.

Interoral Camera examination

Here’s how TelScope works

The TelScope Handle

The app based device attaches to your smart device (e.g., smartphone and/or tablet). The easy-to-attach device handle accommodates a fully capable, illuminating tongue depressor.

  • Illumination via the clear tongue depressor provides a clear view inside your patient’s mouth and oral cavity
  • Comfortable mouth fit for newborns, children, adults, and seniors
  • Handle is antimicrobial for safer image capture
  • Can be attached to any smart device and is fully rechargeable

The TelScope App

The app feature enables real-time image capture, viewability, and sharing.

  • Fully illuminated images reveal a high-quality perspective inside your patient’s mouth and throat
  • Interactive capability that allows measurement and highlighted comments on areas of concern
  • Images can be securely sent to medical or dental professionals
  • Works with iOS and Android devices

Interoral camera with light

The TelScope and teledentisty interface

Ultimate portability Is how this interface could be described. TelScope allows you to obtain and/or view images within a secure, dedicated teledentistry platform.

Full capability expected from teledentisty can include the added benefit of more accurate and easily accessible diagnostic images. And they are immediately viewable and shareable with your patient, team members, colleagues, and specialist referrals.

Imagine the opportunities:

  • Provide full service virtual patient visits complete with easy to view diagnostic images.
  • School nurses or other remote care providers can obtain vital images via their personal device using TelScope. Images can be securely shared with you, the dentist.
  • Senior care providers can obtain oral images for sharing with you for diagnosis or collaborative review.
  • Dental hygienists have opportunity to provide portable oral screening services. Images can be viewed on site without the burden of bulky equipment.
  • Independent and direct access hygienists have the ability to obtain images and share them in real-time with you, team members, and specialists.
  • Hospitals and urgent care facilities can obtain, review, and share images with you as a dental provider. The device increases the pace for proceeding with a patient’s oral care.

The attachable devices is lightweight. And it’s universal so it serves the virtual visit environment seamlessly.

TelScope gives you additional support for your teledentistry services. Your patient experience will improve with easier and less confining imaging protocols.

Get a thorough overview of TelScope here. And learn more about the TelScope technology evolution.

Scalability with telehealth, teledentistry, and mobile dentistry services is an essential technology evaluation point

Innovative teledentistry organizations see technology as more than a passing trend. It’s another effective way to maximize virtual patient interactions that result in better patient care.

Teledentix is a cloud-based mobile and teledentistry software. It’s built in clinical tools include intra-oral image capture and x-ray image capture.

The Teledentix platform aligns with the TelScope benefits covered here.


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