Narrow Your Options for Choosing an X-Ray Sensor for Teledentistry

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Pushing the limits. That’s how you might describe the emergence of teledentistry and mobile dentistry as a virtual care solution.

Now that you’re embracing it the last thing you want is to be limited as a result of your equipment choices. For example, choosing x-ray sensors for your teledentistry services is a key decision.

Before we explore some related recommendations let’s unpack the reason that a digital x-ray sensor is a vital-add to your teledentistry and mobile dentistry toolkit.


What matters when choosing x-ray sensors for teledentistry

Image clarity

You know that image quality is a major diagnostic factor. Most top imaging technology companies stand by their ability to produce clear images.

Side by side comparisons might not reveal all that much difference. But the issue of quality comes down to the essence of what you need for an accurate diagnosis.

  • Can you see infection, caries, decay?
  • Can you determine the course of treatment with confidence?

Image software integration

Your tech choice must be able to communicate across your devices and practice management platform. Software makes the translation possible and productive.

A company’s developers will typically recognize the compatibility issues. Compliant developers will offer assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and assuring that your device and its software are in alignment.

You can cover those bases up-front by requesting a demo. This will help you decide based on integration and company follow-through.

Sensor “footprint”

Manufacturers are sensitive to the varied uses of a sensor. And the size(s) you select are likely determined by your patient-base.

  • Standard size for most adult patients
  • Smaller sizes for adolescents and children

Keep in mind that patient comfort is a factor. A specialty holder” is another consideration to provide easier placement in a patient’s mouth and help assure image clarity.

Ongoing support and warranty service

Confirm the scope of warranty coverage. And it’s a good idea to test-the-waters on a sensor companys support process.

Routine use can take a toll on your device. You’ll want to make sure there’s a fair and adequate warranty for those usage mishaps beyond manufacturing issues.

Ask questions relative to how you’ll use the sensor, it’s track-record, and what you can expect if service and support is required.

Narrow your options for choosing a sensor for the mobile dentistry and teledentistry environment

It’s a good to have a choice when filling your mobile dentistry toolbox. Teledentistry gives you an additional layer of technology to support your digital x-ray sensor decision.

You’ll want seamless imaging capability whether you’re providing mobile dentistry services in a school or corporate setting. And the images you share via teledentistry with a fixed facility or a specialist require the highest diagnostic quality.

With the above factors in mind the following will help narrow your choices when selecting an x-ray sensor that aligns with your teledentistry and mobile dentistry software applications.

Sodium Aurora

This manufacturer has a reputation for “white-glove” service. Installation assistance tops the list of service standards among the following device features and benefits.

  • Strong, clear image quality
  • Durability and patient comfort
  • Four second response time between capture and sensor readiness
  • Full coverage and protection (excluding loss or intentional damage)

Discover more about the Sodium Aurora sensor here.

EzSensor Classic


A device that’s known for its ease of use, patient-friendly design, and image quality. Here’s a deeper dive into each.

  • Sensor placement gets attention because of the challenges most often experienced
  • Advanced technology without sacrificing patient comfort
  • Slim design and rounded corners that minimizes discomfort while preserving tech innovation
  • A range of exposure settings that capture consistent and diagnostic-capable images

Explore more details about the EZSensor here.



Referred to as a “forever sensor” brand. It’s designed and built in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Image ratio is considered highest in the market. Patented technology that produces a size 2 (sensor) image with the “footprint” comfort of a size 1 (sensor).
  • Corners and angled cable exit provide comfortable and effective positioning
  • Low dose imaging (CCD instead of CMOS technology) with optimum image resolution
  • Seamless integration with most popular imaging applications

Review more information on the Jazz sensor here.


A cooperative relationship built on longterm imaging and dental expertise.

  • Image accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Durability and reliable imaging outcomes

Check-out the Gendex/KavoKerr devices here.



  • Hardware is thin with comfortable, rounded corners
  • No docking station is required with direct USB cable
  • USB cable is repairable following longterm use
  • Low noise utilizing fiber optic plate sensors
  • Maximum coverage for imaging capture
  • Robust warranty and replacement options

Learn more about Clio sensor technology here.

Compare and choose the x-ray sensor that aligns with the future of teledentistry and mobile dentistry applications - including Teledentix

Innovative teledentistry organizations see the technology platform as more than a passing trend. It’s another effective way to maximize virtual patient interactions that result in better patient care.

Teledentix is a cloud-based mobile and teledentistry software. It’s built in clinical tools include perio charting, progress notes, medical history, intra-oral image capture, and x-ray image capture.


When choosing a sensor to work with Teledentix, typically anything that is TWAIN compatible or contains a TWAIN driver (preferably 64-bit) is recommended.

The Teledentix platform aligns in scope with the innovators covered here. Contact us for more details related to compatibility development with each x-ray sensor we’ve highlighted.

LEARN MORE about the Teledentix platform.

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