How Teledentistry Works with Eaglesoft

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Teledentistry with Eaglesoft: What to know

Adding teledentistry to your services creates new opportunities for you and your patients. As with an in-office consultation, your dental practice management platform is key to gathering and archiving vital data.

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How teledentistry works in general

The rise in teledentistry is due in part to providing a safe, contactless patient consultation during COVID-19. Perhaps you’ve experimented with it in some form and are now ready to fully integrate

Teledentistry provides you a secure, video connection for real-time patient and specialist consultations. You have a variety of benefits with teledentistry.

  • Review a patient’s health history

  • Provide a patient the opportunity to ask specific questions about their current dental issue or oral health in general

  • Consult with your patient to determine the next step(s) relative to their dental condition

  • Schedule an appointment on the spot for further diagnosis and treatment

  • Determine if your patient needs a prescription and provide them the necessary details

  • Follow up on a patient’s previous treatment such as ortho, etc.

It’s also essential that you confirm that your state/region allows you to promote and use teledentistry with your patients. Contact your state/region dental organization prior to proceeding.

Using Eaglesoft alongside your teledentistry consultations

The more seamless you can make teledentistry the better. And part of that process involves using your Eaglesoft practice management software platform to log and track patient information gathered during your consult.

Apply the required teledentisty codes

There are two primary codes to use with teledentistry.

  • For real-time patient consultations use the Synchronous code (D9995).

  • The sharing of stored patient information outside of a real-time (Synchronous) consult requires the Asynchronous code (D9996).

Coding and all related accounting functions for teledentistry can then be logged and tracked within Eaglesoft’s accounting portal.

Schedule your patient’s teledentistry appointments within the Eaglesoft scheduling portal

  • Open your schedule and determine available times for teledentistry consultations within the (HIPAA compliant) appointment book.

  • Customizable appointment blocks allow for flexible time units (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60-minute blocks)

Use the “pin” feature to list available open blocks each day for teledentistry opportunities


Virtually deliver your patient’s health history forms, treatment plans, and related treatment consent forms

  • Enhance your patient communication by creating paperless, digital versions of your required patient information forms.

  • Store all documentation and customized forms in the SmartDoc portal.

  • Give your patients the option to digitally sign their forms as necessary.

  • Follow Eaglesoft’s cloud management resources to help create a digital experience for your teledentistry consults - including communication about diagnoses, treatment plans, insurance coverage estimates, and general oral health information.

Virtual vists and video conferences with Eaglesoft

Eaglesoft itself does not have video conferencing capabilities but Teledentix offers a basic video conferencing product that is both HIPAA-secure and dental specific.

Teledentix Basic has a very low monthly fee and offers a free trial. With Teledentix Basic, patients and providers can join unlimited video conferences that allow for screen share, file share, video share, and chats. 

Integrate digital images into your teledentistry patient appointments, hygiene consults, and specialist referral consult

  • Images stored within your patient records can be viewed and shared for diagnostic and treatment planning consultations.

  • Interface with specialists for patient referrals and digitally share images.

  • Give your patients a visualization (“before and after” comparison) of how certain procedures will improve and enhance their appearance and oral health.

As you deploy teledentistry with your patients and specialist referrals refer to all legal and compliance guidelines relative to your Eaglesoft practice management system.

Apply an easy-to-use, comprehensive teledentistry solution alongside your Eaglesoft platform

Teledentix is an innovative, turn-key teledentistry solution created by Virtual Dental Care. The all-in-one platform will enable you to adapt teledentistry to your patient care and extend your services beyond the walls of your dental practice.

Contact us about Teledentix and how it can interface with your current dental practice management platform, including Eaglesoft.




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