Dental Professionals Among Riskiest Occupations during COVID-19

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The Visual Capitalist gathered information from 966 different jobs and rated them in terms of risk for contracting Covid-19 on a scale from zero to 100 with the highest possible risk being 100. The average score was 30.2. Dental Hygienists scored 99.7. Dentistry proved so risky, in fact, that of the top seven professions listed—out of the nearly one thousand spoken for—were in the dental profession.

They used the following three attributes from an occupational database to give the professions their score: contact with others, physical proximity, and exposure to disease and infections. While Dental Hygienists took the win for riskiest in the entire database, Dental Assistants weren’t far behind with a score of 92.5 followed immediately by Dentists at 92.1.

We appreciate the fact that dental professionals are currently willing to put themselves at risk to help deliver valuable and potentially life saving procedures to patients during this stressful time to practice. Teledentix can help mitigate that risk by minimizing the amount of face to face time Dentists need to spend with patients if not absolutely necessary.

COVID-19 Occupational Risk Chart


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